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Contact: mmt[at]lisamission.org


The Membership Management Team (MMT) is responsible for processing new consortium membership applications and maintaining the consortium directory.

For help with membership issues please email mmt@lisamission.org.

LISA Consortium membership occurs through "external groups", which are generally associated with institutional affiliations (e.g. University, research lab, etc). All new members must either join an existing external group, preferably associated with their current institution, or alternatively to submit an application to create a new group. New groups with single members, and new groups at institutions that already have an existing group, are both possible - but it is recommended to join existing groups when possible. While membership is handled through external groups, science is done through LISA "internal groups", such as working groups. Working groups, and work package teams, are typically associated with particular LISA deliverables (i.e. "work packages (WPs)"). To join or change membership in an existing LISA internal group, please contact either the chairs of the group, or the MMT (mmt@lisamission.org).

Undergraduate students are typically not admitted to the LISA consortium. Graduate students are typically not permitted to lead groups, and should either join existing external groups, or to work with a more senior scientist to apply for a new group.

There are two types of LISA members: "associate" and "full". '''Full''' members are those who are committed to specific duties and/or deliverables (typically WPs) for the LISA mission. In practice, this usually includes an explicit time-commitment (in the form of FTEs) to the LISA mission. More details on LISA membership and the application process can be found in the official application process document.

New Group applications should be submitted through https://signup.lisamission.org/signup, by filling out the group spreadsheet. New groups must be approved by the LISA consortium board which meets at the beginning of each month. Note that all group leads have the responsibility to:

New members and other changes to existing groups should be performed by updating the existing group's most recent spreadsheet, and sending the new spreadsheet to the MMT (mmt@lisamission.org). Please note: LISA external '''group chairs should not add/remove members manually''' in the LISA directory, and instead should contact the MMT to make membership changes. LISA internal group chairs are welcome to add/remove members manually using the LISA directory.