Logo Document Management System (DMS) - ATRIUM

We use the IN2P3 platform named ATRIUM, which is based on the Nuxeo software solution, and hosted by the IN2P3 Computing Center (CCIN2P3).

Getting an account

Every member of the LISA consortium gets an account on Atrium automatically.

The DDPC administrators send a monthly request to the CCIN2P3 administrators and sign the usage rules. You'll be informed by email of those rules. Soon after, you should receive your login/password from the CCIN2P3.

IN2P3 members should contact their lab's ATRIUM administrator to get an account if they don't have one already, then ask us to access the LISA project space by sending an email to helpdesk[at]lisamission.org.

Changing of email

By default, the Atrium login corresponds the email address you provided in the consortium registration form. It is possible to use a new contact email on Atrium while keeping the old one to login.

To change your contact email on Atrium, select Profile on the left menu, then action -> edit button on the right.

Getting help

CCIN2P3 services are supporting through a ticket system, to which anyone can register.

The DDPC team can relay collaboration wide issues and feature requests when possible.

Some tutorial videos are available, as well as a summary slide

LISA DMS organization

Tree view

The LISA document space is divided into 4 folders (or workspace):

Groups and access rights

Access rights are settled by a short number of groups, that reflect the consortium organisation.

Every member of the LISA consortium will automatically be added to the Atrium group(s) corresponding to his/her consortium group(s). The synchronization is done every week.

Usage and naming conventions

Usage and naming conventions are to be defined and maintained as soon as possible.

For now, it's a collective responsability of the consortium to maintain a clear workspace organization.