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General services


1) Update the members of my groups

If you want to either add a new member or to move a member from another group, contact the MMT following information an procedure described here

LISA Data Challenge

I would like to access the LDC data

Register to the LDC website : https://lisa-ldc.lal.in2p3.fr/accounts/register/

I would like to access the LDC codes

You need first an account on gitlab.in2p3.fr: see instructions here. Then:


You have to log in Atrium on your web browser before clicking on the link. For that either go atrium.in2p3.fr and click on the top on Me Connecter or directly use the link https://atrium.in2p3.fr/nuxeo/login.jsp

Development tools


I registered on gitlab.in2p3.fr but I have no news

You probably registered using the form and not Shibboleth, so your account is blocked and we are not aware of this. Follow the procedure described here