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The IN2P3 Gitlab service is open to IN2P3 members and collaborators.

Users should register with Shibboleth when applicable.

LISA DDPC guidelines

Git projects

Although the main objective of a git repository is to manage software version, projects hosted by GitLab benefits from several functionalities:


There are different groups used by the LISA consortium to manage repository access rights, which can be found here

In particular:

New collaborators, after having register to GitLab for the first time, have to communicate their GitLab login to the LISA group managers, in order to be added to their elligible groups on GitLab and get access to LISA software repositories.

Continuous Integration with GitLab CI

GitLab offers a continuous integration engine, which allows to build and automatically perform a suite of tests after each commit. The CI engine can also be used to automatically generate the code documentation, and serve it using the pages functionality.

As for now, tests come under the responsability of each project team, and are specific to the programming language chosen by the project.

GitLab documentation and support