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TeamSpeak : lisa.caltech.edu

  1. You first need to download a desktop or mobile app. The former is available at https://www.teamspeak.com, the latter in the Apple or Google app stores.

  2. Teamspeak works best with a dedicated microphone (like a headset) or an anti-echo speakerphone to prevent feedback. If you have neither, use headphones to listen, and your computer microphone for audio.

  3. Under the Bookmarks menu you can add a new bookmark for the LISA server with the address and password noted above.

  4. You'll see a NICKNAME field when you enter the bookmark ; this is how you appear on the screen to everyone. Please adopt friendly name habits, in particular first and last name! "Martin" isn't good enough to uniquely identify you if there happen to be many "Martin" people in the collaboration. If you'd like to include pronouns, the usual convention is to add them in a square bracket at the end of your nickname, e.g. "shanelarson [h]”.

  5. We have a few channels set up these are basically rooms where people can gather to have conversations ; many rooms can be running at any time, and you can jump back and forth between them.

  6. When you sign on, you'll see the main Teamspeak window. Rooms are listed on the left; double click on the room you'd like to go to; you'll see the list of everyone in the channel. Information is given on the right. A chat window is at the bottom. THE MOST IMPORTANT CONTROLS are at the top of the window. In particular the Microphone with an X mutes you. Please do this when you are not speaking!


We use zoom.us for a number of teleconferences. The telecon are defined by members having zoom account (AEI, APC, ...). It can be used on computer and mobile. More informations at zoom.us