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Contact: astro-wg-chairs[at]lisamission.org


The contact email above will be sent to all co-chairs; please do not hesitate to contact us with concerns or questions.


The goal of the Astrophysics Working Group is to foster work on astrophysical questions that can be addressed with LISA gravitational wave data. This work can range from studies and simulations of individual sources, to studies of populations of sources, formation mechanisms, and astrophysical processes that drive evolution of sources relevant to LISA science.

The Astrophysics Working Group is one of the largest in the LISA Consortium, arching across all of the core astrophysics that LISA will address, whether it is related to black holes, compact stars, or other populations of astrophysical objects. Our work will closely overlap and work in tandem with our colleagues in the Cosmology Working Group, as well as the Fundamental Physics Working Group. There are also obvious overlaps with data analysis efforts related to the Waveforms Working Group and the LISA Data Challenges.

Much of the work is oriented around the LISA Work Packages, which address the important work of developing the tools and predictions that will allow us to extract information from the LISA data and address science questions. There are many places within the Work Packages that necessarily require the expertise covered by the Astrophysics Working Group. If you




The AstroWG activities are ramping up, and we try to meet on an annual basis, and when possible at regular LISA meetings (like the LISA Symposium, and the LISA Consortium Meetings). There are currently no regular AstroWG telecons, but you are encouraged to attend the weekly LISA Consortium Telecons which provide updates from the individual working groups, notes about current new science results, and every two weeks a special science topic of relevance to LISA.