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Contact: cos-wg-chairs[at]lisamission.org


The goal of the CosWG is to investigate the scientific return of LISA related to cosmology. The CosWG also studies the science that can be analysed by cross-correlating LISA measurements with cosmological observables or robust, cosmological theories.

The activity of the CosWG is carried out by sharing knowledge, resources, and ideas in a joint effort among any CosWG member willing to contribute to a particular CosWG project. All projects that are proposed to the CosWG and accepted as CosWG projects, become CosWG ideas whose development is a collegial task.

Examples of past or ongoing CosWG projects:

Projects developed in synergy with the other LISA working groups are foreseen.

LISA CosWG identification number

The LISA Consortium assigns an identification number to the CosWG papers that satisfy a high standard, are developed collegialy, and are tightly connected to the LISA workpackages and science.

The exhaustive and updated list of these articles is the following:

CosWG id. number ArXiv number Title Atrium link Keywords
LISA-CosWG-19-01 ArXiv:1906.07204 Testing modified gravity ... ATRIUM-357187 Modified GR, standard sirens, cosmol. parameters
LISA-CosWG-19-02 ArXiv:1906.09244 Reconstructing the spectral ... ATRIUM-358359 Stochastic background reconstruction, data analysis
LISA-CosWG-19-03 ArXiv:1909.00819 Probing ... cosmic strings with LISA ATRIUM-369107 Cosmic strings
LISA-CosWG-19-04 ArXiv:1910.13125 GWs from phase transitions with LISA ATRIUM-374234 Phase transitions
LISA-CosWG-20-01 ArXiv:2006.03313 Maximum likelihood map-making with LISA ATRIUM-423792 Anisotropy detection, data analysis
LISA-CosWG-20-02 ArXiv:2009.11845 Improved reconstruction of a SGWB with LISA ATRIUM-428815 Stochastic background reconstruction, data analysis